Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chrissy: On everything.

So this week has been rather busy. Especially the past two days. On Thursday I had band (blush, no I'm not a band geek, I just really like music) right after school until four. Then I ran to my friend Ashleigh's house, who helped me pick out one of her skirts to wear for my job interview at 4:45. She found me an adorable brown one (I'm extremely low on best dress stuff) and her mom (who helps with pageant interviews) helped me decided what I would say, so I could sound smart, haha.

After that I rushed home to grab a pair of pink stilletos (adorable btw) and some gloss. Made it over to the mall 5 minutes early for my interview with Urban Wear. Then I waited for the other interview before me to get done (they had like, 12 interviews for one position). Then I met with the manager (at least that's what I thought she was). She told me thanks for dressing up (the girl before had worn jeans) and said I looked very mature (Haha, haven't heard that one before...). I answered her questions as best I could and she told me that I seemed very on top of things and that she was very impressed with me. (I don't think I'll get the job though. I'm not available enough because I'm still in school).

Then I flew home grabbed my music and ran to a musical rehersal for a small play my ward was putting on. Sang "I'm a Woman" from Smokey Joe's Cafe and "A New Life" from Jeykll and Hyde a million times before leaving to go to a Youth Camp Leader meeting.

Got home around 8 and read Scott Westerfeld's "Extras" until 12 in the morning then went to bed.
The next day I went to school finished reading "Extras" during first period (it took me less than 24 hours to finish, not my greatest accomplishment considering how big the print is). Then I went to AP European History and study for the AP test that started at 12 pm. Skipped third period to eat pizza and study. Then I went and sat for FOUR HOURS undoubtably failing the test. That's ok though, because my parents pretty much paid $84 for a garanteed A in that class.
So the test ended at 4 and I had to run home and take a shower before going to do a run through of the play before actually preforming it. Crazy last two days. I'm a little bit tired. School should so be done.


Anonymous Charlie said...

No joke- I honestly can't handle school much longer. Right now I should be a) Practicing piano for Monday cause I have to learn a total of a page and a half in a fraction of a time that it took me to learn like 3 whole pages, b) Studying for my AP Chem Test so I can hopefully at least get a 2. I'm scared cause I'm like not nervous at all... and c)studying for a Computer Tech Test that I have on Tuesday. And can I just express my undying love for you? haha- no, I'm not lesbo, but I absolutely love you to death and back!!

May 10, 2008 at 6:44 PM  

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