Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chrissy: For Ash

This is a VERY rough, but unedited and not even finished ramble 
called "First Love"
Ashleigh wrote hers a while ago and I promised her I would write one too
Turns out I don't really enjoy reliving those memories too much :P
But still... I can't sleep so I'll post it anyways.

He was my best friend’s older brother, and I was his little sister’s best friend. We rarely had anything to do with each other the first two years Jessica and I became friends. Which was fine with me, being the obnoxious little 6th grader I was. But then an occasional hi broke our mutual silence. I suppose a hi was required and only polite since I was at their house everyday of my life.

            Soon, however, that hi turned more flirtatious, and dare I say it? But I actually reciprocated that teasing hi. Me! The dorky 7th grader whose braces a frizzy hair was nothing to boast about.

            Then in the summer after 8th grade, when putting on makeup and contacts were now the norm, he hugged me. He hugged me! Wait he hugged me? The simple event only made me blush and wonder why it even mattered. Because swiftly thereafter he explained to his girlfriend, who was standing nearby, that “I was like a little sister”.

              Soon afterwards, however, girlfriend and he broke up.

            Yes! Girlfriend was now out of the picture!

            Wait picture? What picture? He was going into 11th grade for Pete’s sake! No way I was in love with this auburn haired punk.

            That wall came tumbling down, however, when he called me beautiful.

            It was a nonchalant thing. Just a “Hey beautiful” and a surprised, “Uh, hi” from smooth me. 

            Then that was my name, Beautiful, interchanged with Gorgeous of course.

            It made my poor 14 year old face burn every time he said it. Of course, I tried to cover up the fact and successfully (I hope) appeared as cool as he did.

            Then I proposed. The normal way, like most couples. He said, “Hey Chrisanne, will you be my servant?” and I replied, “If you marry me.” And that was that.

            He introduced me to everyone (including my parents) as his fiancé. We talked about which temple we would get married in. What date and dogs. No big nasty Rottweilers, he didn’t want them to eat his future kids. Future kids… the thought made me smile. 

            Then he kind of stopped paying attention to me. Just a little. But it was enough to bug. So I tried to convince myself I didn’t like him. I really didn’t really like him anyways. He just teased me and I played along… Oh help, I realized too late. I was in too deep.

            In my head I always wanted my first kiss to be from him. But, unfortunately, life felt the need to give me the bitter taste of reality. And the fact was: I was just too young. Too young to really flirt with a guy four years older than me, too young to even know what love was. But that didn’t start the heartbreak.

            He went a blind date. Of course it had to be a blind date, go figure. Lucky me. Just as I was adjusting to the new life of high school he threw a curve ball at me. He stopped paying attention to me at all


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