Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chrissy: Inspiration

A little while ago I found this lady's artist blog
Her name is Jenedy Paige and she's been rediculously inspirational to me
After i found her blog was when I made my push towards realism
and left the jr. high/ highschool surealism behind.
These are only a few of her amazing work
check out her other works here

Chrissy: Dress

Remember how I said that I would post the dress I designed for myself for preference?
Well that little do dad never realy happened
(whole drama with my dress not being done on time *sigh)
But I DID design another dress.
For my friend Brianna.
Below are the results!
I thought it looked rather pretty
I thinkg i would've made it fit better on top and such but other than that it turned out well.
The sleeves had more detail but these one's are ok.
Because of the whole thing with my dress not being done (there were tears, maybe I'll tell the story later)
I wasn't able to get over and take some pics.
So no full length pictures.
But the bottom was very pretty too

Friday, March 6, 2009

Chrissy: Shoes.

Because I felt like posting another one of my peices.

Chrissy: Travel

Someday I want to travel to the plains of africa and hopefully see sights like I painted above.
However I guess I will have to settle for Hawaii.
I can dig it.
We leave tomorrow!
(don't mind the blue tone)