Monday, August 31, 2009

Chrissy: first day of classes

I still don't feel old enough to be a college student.
But despite that my classes began today.
Not as horrid as I originally thought it would be.
Anyways. My day began at 6:50 am. Far too early for me. 
My rice cooker freaked out and my 9 grain cereal went everywhere.
After I cleaned up I left at 7:45 for my 8:00 class

(I'm so excited for classes!)
(my new shirt and jeans)
Found out that I am one of two freshmen in all my art classes.
My first art class, Survey of Digital Technology, seems very easy
and my teacher is really laid back.
My next class, Drawing, was... crazy. I have to have SO many supplies by Wed. 
My teacher is really very young.
He enjoys Ping Pong a lot.
He despises basement Ping Pong players.
His favorite movie is a Japanese one called Ping Pong.
We discussed interesting topics such as the different points you can get from sharpening your pencil with an exacto knife, rather than a sharpener.
And we will get demos on tearing paper. Rapture.
Beginning Bowling is going to be fun!
If I don't fail!
Today I bowled a 34. 
My average score, actually.
The lowest I've ever gotten is 19. The highest 74.
Yes... you really can be that bad.
I am glad no one has asked me on a date where we have to go bowling.
Greek Mythology is going to be hard. 
Very much so. 
My teacher is so very intelligent sounding. 
I want to talk like her when I grow up.
FHE was... dismal.
My family home evening family is the apartment of boys
that DO NOT socialize!!! 
They sit in their rooms and play video games
and the likes!
The one that does socialize is ridiculously annoying!
He doesn't stop following me and my roomie!
Darlings I can't take it!
There are NO cute boys in my classes.
There are NO cute boys in my family home evening group.
None of the cute boys will talk to us in our ward.
I'm not REALLY boy crazy. But still.
I had hopes for BYU. To take my mind of another person I won't mention.
To distract me, essentially, since I am cursed to always like boys who won't like me back.
Well there goes that plan!
My last hope was my FHE group. 
I am in the depths of despair!
Anyways... hopefully tomorrow's classes will be good   

Chrissy: sorry...

I removed my "follow" thingy on the side because I had this one creepy guy sign up and I just wasn't comfortable with that. Hopefully you will still read my blog tho

Chrissy: how I feel

Guys classes start tomorrow.
I'm scared! 
This is a sketch that depicts my feelings
(in case you can't read what the man is saying it says:
"K class we have a test today! Hope you're ready!!!")

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chrissy: turns out...

for those of you who were wondering...
steph *cough* steph
Cameron isn't as cute as I remember...
perhaps it was the scooter that made him cute
either way he seems a little... punkish? 
I won't judge, just I don't think he's your Cam, Steph 

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chrissy: today I...

Today I:

Woke up late

Curled my hair (as seen below) … and missed my brush that I left at home… combing through my hair with just my fingers isn't really cutting it.

Made breakfast (9 grain cereal w/blueberries)

Washed all my dishes directly after I used them (a habit I am unwillingly learning)

Set up my printer

Looked up all my professors on

Realized Greek Mythology is going to be SUPER hard.

Took a walk w/ roommies Rachel and Rachel to where our church meetings will be held

Died in the heat

Totally made eye contact with an attractive blonde haired blue eyed guy on a scooter. Found out his name is Cameron and is in our ward :D happy day!

Died in the heat.

Was stopped by this mixed group of freshmen guys and upperclassmen to play a Frisbee game. (dark haired guy=creepy, short blondes= cute in a very “Mike Newton” type of way, Lars= nice guy, but he lives Wyview. So much for making friends. Everyone else? Nondescript)

Got out

Gladly left said game.

Pondered the line: so tell me darlin’ do you wish we’d fall in love? (dunno where it came from… I think it’s a song)

Met the bishopric.

Choked terribly on my crystal light while talking to them.

Took a mug shot. Its for the ward or something. That’s ok, I didn’t want dates as a freshmen anyways :P

Had the most divine grapes

Dinner of nastiness

Watched Mansfeild Park and Northanger Abby 

chrissy: the cutest thing ever

So I take voice lessons
and every month we have one lesson 
where all the student get together and preform their song for each other
a few days ago I went to mine.
I was walking towards the door and met up with another student
a 12 year old boy
who held the door open for me.
I was a little shocked
but completely charmed.
it was so very cute!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chrissy: Blueberries

me like 'em blueberries!
(pic by me)

Chrissy: a page...

This is just a page 
out of my small sketchbook.
Haha a lot of the time there will be more writing than actual drawing.
(don't mind the horrible finger nail in the pic)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chrissy: I was right.

I was very right.
I am super bored.
I did this for a while to keep me entertained. 
it took a lot less time than I would've liked.

if you've seen Coraline, you will understand this one.
such a creepy movie

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chrissy: Darlings a glimpse...

a glimpse into my new dorm room
all my stuff is generally blue and white, which I loooove!
The dorms seemed very small at first
but as I slowly moved everything in it seems rather perfect now.
plus my room is the only room in our dorm that has a nice little walk-in closet. 
THE best thing ever.
Classes don't begin till Monday.
All my roomies have freshmen orientation tomorrow and Friday. 
I don't. I will be so very bored, I think.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chrissy: Don't you want me baby....

Cuz I know the vampires do.
for completely different reasons, of course.
I was bitten. 
it was quite serious.
Thank goodness for the our friendly neighborhood werewolves
who saved me.
("bite" done by me with a blue, black, and red pen, and highlighter. 
yes, indeed. I'm am a makeup artist for horror movies in the making.)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chrissy: For your enjoyment...

I enjoy Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia, and Twilight.
My friends know this. 
So lately (for the past month at least) almost all of my facebook status' 
have been about them.
I felt it was a good break from the standard: I'm so bored today. (or) Is so depressed. (or) feels so ugly today (helloooo??? Can we say fishing for compliments??)

Today I put them all together... haha they're rather ridiculous. I believe they begin the day after I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

-Holy freakin! Harry Potter was AMAZING! 

-Turns out I'm a wizard surrounded by muggles, who's suppose to find Narnia, and marry Jacob Black.

-Still looking for Narnia. My new Wizard powers haven't kicked in yet. Hopefully soon. I'm planning on meeting up with Jacob Black in a few days also. 

-yes its true that I've been known to enjoy Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans now and then. I also find pleasure in talking to mysterious fauns when I have the chance of finding a passage into another realm.

-Don't worry. Marrying a werewolf will not affect my whole wizard/narnia thing. 

-Just because Hogwarts hasn't sent me my letter yet doesn't mean I'm not a wizard. It only means Dumbledore wants me to find Narnia for him. 

-Don't worry. I have bigger things to worry about. Such as Narnia and why my stupid owl keeps coming back with rejection letter from Hogwarts. 

-Wizarding is not as easy as the movies make it seem! Also Narnia is a tad hard to find when there are not spare rooms or abandoned wardrobes in the house. Hopefully the search for Jacob Black will go easier. 

-Banking accounts? Banking accounts? Wizard don't need banking accounts, which includes me. Thats why I recently gave all my money away to a goblin who said he'd be sure to stash it away nicely in Gringotts! Isn't magic wonderful? 

-is super tired from her long quest. Neither Hogwarts or Narnia are in ANY part of southern Utah. Don't even bother looking.

-the dentist is horrible. Torture in Azkaban could not compare to my three feelings. PS Narnia is officially not at the dentist's office. I checked..... 

-Don't worry. Don't sweat. My new singing with Josh Groban dream will not interfere with my search for Narnia, my continual applying to Hogwarts, or my marriage with Jacob Black.

-Turns out Hogwarts has been trying to get ahold of me the whole time, they just had the wrong mailing address... and name... and gender.... hmmm, maybe this really ISN'T my letter...

-Not ready for school. Or any big change in life. Where's Narnia when you need to escape reality??? Or Hogwarts, wouldn't mind THAT change in life 

-.... cleaning chairs. If I were at Hogwarts we'd have a spell for that. 

-so excited.nervous.scared. byu, you for sure ain't Narnia

-books? check. I.D.? check. microsoft for mac? check. 56th letter off to Hogwarts? check. Portal to Narnia? still searching.

Chrissy: Because I cannot sleep.

it is 3:05 am
and I cannot sleep.
it bugs. 
so I wrote a poem. here it is:

peace the wind whispers

close your eyes and sleep

hush, cries the dark

as it wraps around my throat

it tries to qualm my fears

by crushing the dreams

my dreams

sweet dreams behind my closet

beside the lamp

next to soundtrack of my life

silly little darkn


thinks its rather clever

as it tells me lies

and feeds me lies

and kisses me with lies

and still the wind urges me

peace, dear one, sleep

and my eyelid grow weary

with the hope of fantasies 

so I shall sleep

but only with a 


just to spite the dark

for the darkness cannot 


the golden rays of light

(picture by me... and it relates somehow)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chrissy: tubing down the provo river is dangerous.

Last week friend Ashleigh and I decided to go tubing down the Provo River with her little sister Brianna and Brianna's two friends. "Fun!" thought I, "There is nothing better I could be doing with my day." I had, of course, been down the river 3 times in a raft and thought a tube would be nothing different. 

Oh how life loves to prove me wrong.

First off we had a late start. Originally we had planned to leave around 3:00 pm. But we didn't end up leaving until 4:30. Now the sun begins to set around 6. But that doesn't mean that the canyon doesn't start getting colder at 6. Nope. That happens around 4:30.

We got in and the water was FREEZING and there were no sun rays to warm us up. But since our butts were numb with in the first 5 minutes we continued -- so oblivious to the dangers that lay ahead. 

Secondly, I apparently have no coordination when it comes to steering a tube. My lack of steering ability often left me trying to push off the tree and rocks on the banks, rather than floating the current in the middle of the river. Consequently I kept running into low hanging branches that would flip me off of my tube.

Another thing to understand about the Provo River is that the current is ridiculously strong and the rocks on the bottom are slippery. Even if you fall out of your tube in water that is knee high you can't move anywhere except w/ the current. Needless to say it is a struggle get back in your tube. And I am seriously glad that I opted to wear my swimsuit bottoms underneath my basketball shorts rather than just panties, because the current had a hay day trying to rip those suckers (my shorts, not my swimsuit) off of my legs. I believe the fisherman I passed were glad too. 

I was also glad for my life jacket. Don't even consider going down that beast of a river with our one. I almost did. And if I had gone with out one I would not be blogging today.

One tree branch incident was truly formidable. I came up to this really thick tree branch, planning to push off of it and get back to the safety of the middle of the river. But the river was out the get me. The tube got stuck up against it, but the current was so strong that it sucked me out of my tube and underneath the tree. Luckily it popped me back up on the other side. But my tube was stuck. And here's the thing: it wasn't really my tube. It was a loner, so I couldn't just leave it there. But the current was still crazy strong and I was up to my chest in freezing cold water. Below is a picture of my dilemma (it is quite possible the best thing I have ever drawn). 

I was able to grasped a super mossy branch, however, and slowly began struggling towards my tube. Remember, the water is below freezing. It was SO hard walking against the current. And finally after about five minutes I got close enough to kick it away from the branch. As it began floating down the river I jump at it and managed to hang on till i found a shallow place to remount it. 

I think the fishermen on the river that day were angry with me because every time I would drift closer to the low hanging brush I would scream at the top of my lungs, " I HATE trees! I HATE stupid trees and rock! I FREAKIN' HATE THESE TREES!!!!"  and then almost break down into tears. The fish wouldn't come within 50 feet of me. Again, the fishermen did not like me.
Eventually two kayakers behind me took pity on me and gave me a broken paddle. It helped when I needed to push away from the edge. 

Because of my many fiascos on the river I ended up WAY separated from my friends. In the end I had to float the rest of the way to the car by myself. Sad day. 
I vowed never to go down that river again in a tube.
I told this to Ashleigh and she said, "Yeah right. I bet if a cute guy asked you to go down you would."
To which I replied, "I SO would not."
She then looked dubiously at me.
"Alright," I admitted, "But only if he said something along the lines of, 'Don't worry, I'll protect you' or something."
Either way I feel that the Provo River is quite possibly the worst river ever. 
The End

Illustration of how I felt.

We look so innocent and carefree to the dangers of the river....
if only we had known...

Chrissy:Law school party

Because my dad is a dean at the BYU law school we always host a "law school party" at our home for he first year law students
The term party is used loosely 
because most of the time they're pretty boring for those of us who 
aren't actually attending law school.
But we always have delicious food.
I arranged the cheese tray.
it was a struggle. 
But I can now say that I can indeed arrange strange looking cheese platters
be proud

BYU macaroons. 
so. good. 
your standard vegetable platter
and of course your m&ms 
The food keeps me pretty happy while 
everyone else talks about boring law stuff. (which I secretly love. shhh)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chrissy: In which I go blonde

In the beginning 
I was a brunette
Then I went red (you can't really tell by my pics)
And now I am blonde....
I like it... I just feel like I'm wearing a wig every time I see myself in the mirror
What do you think?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chrissy: Lovely Lady.

My friend and talented photography student 
Has a new photography blog full of lovely pics.
Here's a preview of some of my favs
Check it out!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chrissy: bro and sis

I love all my siblings
but Cora and Cameron are my closest.
I'm going to miss them while I'm going to BYU.
Good news tho!
I'm only 10 minutes away when I do move!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chrissy: Mama bought new earrings.

I got new earrings while staying in Southern Utah for a family reunion.
Then lost them at the hotel 2 days later.
Not cool.