Monday, August 24, 2009

Chrissy: For your enjoyment...

I enjoy Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia, and Twilight.
My friends know this. 
So lately (for the past month at least) almost all of my facebook status' 
have been about them.
I felt it was a good break from the standard: I'm so bored today. (or) Is so depressed. (or) feels so ugly today (helloooo??? Can we say fishing for compliments??)

Today I put them all together... haha they're rather ridiculous. I believe they begin the day after I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

-Holy freakin! Harry Potter was AMAZING! 

-Turns out I'm a wizard surrounded by muggles, who's suppose to find Narnia, and marry Jacob Black.

-Still looking for Narnia. My new Wizard powers haven't kicked in yet. Hopefully soon. I'm planning on meeting up with Jacob Black in a few days also. 

-yes its true that I've been known to enjoy Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans now and then. I also find pleasure in talking to mysterious fauns when I have the chance of finding a passage into another realm.

-Don't worry. Marrying a werewolf will not affect my whole wizard/narnia thing. 

-Just because Hogwarts hasn't sent me my letter yet doesn't mean I'm not a wizard. It only means Dumbledore wants me to find Narnia for him. 

-Don't worry. I have bigger things to worry about. Such as Narnia and why my stupid owl keeps coming back with rejection letter from Hogwarts. 

-Wizarding is not as easy as the movies make it seem! Also Narnia is a tad hard to find when there are not spare rooms or abandoned wardrobes in the house. Hopefully the search for Jacob Black will go easier. 

-Banking accounts? Banking accounts? Wizard don't need banking accounts, which includes me. Thats why I recently gave all my money away to a goblin who said he'd be sure to stash it away nicely in Gringotts! Isn't magic wonderful? 

-is super tired from her long quest. Neither Hogwarts or Narnia are in ANY part of southern Utah. Don't even bother looking.

-the dentist is horrible. Torture in Azkaban could not compare to my three feelings. PS Narnia is officially not at the dentist's office. I checked..... 

-Don't worry. Don't sweat. My new singing with Josh Groban dream will not interfere with my search for Narnia, my continual applying to Hogwarts, or my marriage with Jacob Black.

-Turns out Hogwarts has been trying to get ahold of me the whole time, they just had the wrong mailing address... and name... and gender.... hmmm, maybe this really ISN'T my letter...

-Not ready for school. Or any big change in life. Where's Narnia when you need to escape reality??? Or Hogwarts, wouldn't mind THAT change in life 

-.... cleaning chairs. If I were at Hogwarts we'd have a spell for that. 

-so excited.nervous.scared. byu, you for sure ain't Narnia

-books? check. I.D.? check. microsoft for mac? check. 56th letter off to Hogwarts? check. Portal to Narnia? still searching.


Blogger Jon Baker said...

You should be a comedy writer... so fantastic!

August 26, 2009 at 1:12 PM  

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