Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chrissy: today I...

Today I:

Woke up late

Curled my hair (as seen below) … and missed my brush that I left at home… combing through my hair with just my fingers isn't really cutting it.

Made breakfast (9 grain cereal w/blueberries)

Washed all my dishes directly after I used them (a habit I am unwillingly learning)

Set up my printer

Looked up all my professors on

Realized Greek Mythology is going to be SUPER hard.

Took a walk w/ roommies Rachel and Rachel to where our church meetings will be held

Died in the heat

Totally made eye contact with an attractive blonde haired blue eyed guy on a scooter. Found out his name is Cameron and is in our ward :D happy day!

Died in the heat.

Was stopped by this mixed group of freshmen guys and upperclassmen to play a Frisbee game. (dark haired guy=creepy, short blondes= cute in a very “Mike Newton” type of way, Lars= nice guy, but he lives Wyview. So much for making friends. Everyone else? Nondescript)

Got out

Gladly left said game.

Pondered the line: so tell me darlin’ do you wish we’d fall in love? (dunno where it came from… I think it’s a song)

Met the bishopric.

Choked terribly on my crystal light while talking to them.

Took a mug shot. Its for the ward or something. That’s ok, I didn’t want dates as a freshmen anyways :P

Had the most divine grapes

Dinner of nastiness

Watched Mansfeild Park and Northanger Abby 


Blogger Stephanie Lyn :) said...

Cameron?!?! K how blonde is he?? Like strawberry blonde or like beach blonde or like white blonde...?? haha! That would be so funny if it was the same one from my work! Except I guess he wouldn't be on a scooter... he normally rides his bike to work... idk. But that's awesome! I'm actually kinda over him though... meh. I've been meeting lots of hot guys at BYU though! ;) GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT?!?! I'm on my new MacBook Pro! :D LOVE it!

August 29, 2009 at 11:44 PM  
Blogger Jon Baker said...

I wish I could say I'd met a pretty blonde hair, blue eyed opposite gender person at USU... meh.

August 30, 2009 at 5:18 PM  

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